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They are 25% of the world's population. And that number keeps growing.

Millennials are a very demanding generation. They aspire to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle, they want to be informed and updated about new and existing companies and their products, they care about the policies that companies put in place. More importantly, they expect products on the market to do more for them and for the community they belong to


They speak a mysterious language and do inexplicable things. And they're your customers!

To capture the attention of a millennial, it is necessary to stimulate them dynamically. The youngest millennials tend to have a more functional short-term memory, which allows them to process a large number of images and concepts at the same time, and are less prone to distractions even when surrounded by dynamism and the hustle and bustle of their busy lifestyle. Also, they have great multi-sensory capabilities, which make them able to process advertising material with highly visual content or with unexpected and surprising imagery.